About Our Writers


How Writers are hired

Before we accept an applicant, he must prove his writing proficiency skills. The first step in doing so is to pass a number of written exams to test for English language knowledge. Next, the applicant is given a timed academic writing assignment that is designed to check for his access to an academic database of scholarly materials, as well as the applicant’s ability to write on a scholarly level, to correctly utilize a citation style format such as APA, MLA, Harvard, etc., and to check the overall readability of the paper for structure, unity, and coherence.

How A Writer’s Work Sample is assessed

The quality of a writer’s work is continuously assessed for readability, control of the written language, knowledge of formatting styles, and knowledge of subject matter. In addition, we evaluate the structure of the paper and examine it for unity and clarity of thought, as well as an overall sense of professionalism.

How We Monitor Quality of a Writer’s Work

We understand that our writers’ quality of work should be continuously assessed. We want our writers to do their best, and we wish to assist them in doing so by being able to provide feedback to them. Our use of a Quality Control system allows us to do so. In addition, we are able to rate our writers according to certain performance indicators, including:

 A bi-monthly assessment conducted by a professional editor on three randomly selected pages completed by the writer during the previous two weeks.

  • The average customer rating within a specific discipline.
  • The number of times a writer has been penalized for issues of missed deadlines, requests for revisions, and customer disagreements.
  • The percentage of customers who request that specific writer.
  • That writer’s preferences for certain subject areas.

Our Quality Control and Rating systems allow us to complete an ongoing assessment of our writers’ work. Because the assessment is ongoing, an individual’s rating will increase or decrease at any given time, based on a number of factors. This affects how much a customer is charged for that writer’s services. Therefore, you may find that when you request a specific writer, you may be charged an extra fee at one time but not at another time. However, regardless of the writer’s rating at any given time, we always encourage you to request a writer with whom you have previously experienced success.

How a Writer is selected for an Order

The moment you submit an order to us, we determine the most suitable writer for that order. We take into consideration the geographic location of that writer, whether you have requested a native speaker of English, and the writer’s current work load. Of course, we also look at the writer’s educational background and his ratings in the subject area for your order. In addition, if you request a specific writer, we will do our best to accommodate.

Approval of a Writer before the Work Begins

You may determine for yourself whether a writer is a good fit for your order. For an additional service charge of $5, we can offer to you three sample pages written by your writer. You can examine the pages for language proficiency and writing style, as well as knowledge of the subject matter.

Statistics of Our Disciplines

Our custom writing service shows you the real statistics of how much our customers are satisfied with what they have received:

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